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What is La Plage Factory and where is it located?

La Plage Factory is an accredited startup incubator-accelerator, conceived by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that incubates African startups with a high potential for growth and positive impact. Our mandate is aligned with the Tech for Good philosophy, where technology is deployed to take on social, environmental, and economic challenges facing the world.

We are located at the heart of Old Port Louis, Mauritius, at a collaborative Coworking space.

What benefit does a startup founder receive
from being part of La Plage Factory?

Our mission is to drive startups to raise funds, scale, and make an impact.

We provide experienced mentors and a vast network of contacts, giving startups the tools and services needed to build sustainable and scalable businesses.

Our coworking space is ideal for launching Tech for Good business and expanding to Africa from Mauritius.

What programs does La Plage Factory

La Plage Factory focuses on incubation services. Startups benefit from quality mentorship and the Vianeo business design method and platform to turn their business ideas into viable startups. We also support acceleration on an ad hoc basis, helping startups raise funds, go to market, and scale their operations. Our approach provides comprehensive support throughout the entrepreneurial journey, from idea validation to market expansion.

Does La Plage Factory offer

We don't directly fund startups, but we connect them to our growing network of professionals and early-stage investors. Through administrative and capacity-building platforms with top experts, we help startups become investor-ready, attract funding, and achieve success.

How does La Plage Factory select

Our focus is on startups with high growth potential, well-defined projects, and a positive impact on the world, in line with the Tech for Good philosophy. We search for startups making a positive social, environmental, and economic impact, primarily focused on Africa. Being an established Mauritian incubator, mandate that all our entrepreneurs must plan to establish their businesses from Mauritius.

How does La Plage Factory define success?

Our incubator's success transcends finances, emphasizing the profound global impact of our startups. Through a unique approach, we cultivate vital soft skills, networking, and entrepreneurial insights. We support founders through ups and downs, valuing learning and resilience for genuine growth. Our mission is to empower founders with invaluable lessons and unwavering confidence from their startup experience. Failures are embraced as chances to grow, enabling meaningful futures for founders and communities. Success is a shared journey, driven by positive impact for a brighter future.

Does La Plage Factory assist founders in obtaining a Mauritian visa?

We have a unique partnership with the Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC), allowing us to facilitate visa acquisition for founders looking to set up their businesses in Mauritius.

Can you provide examples of startups that have
successfully been incubated in La Plage Factory?

By 2022, our standout startups include Rwazi, Yugo, Inspexion, and La Decheteque. Each is dedicated to generating impact and enhancing lives.

For instance, Rwazi focuses on job creation and poverty alleviation (SDG 1 & 8), influencing 2 million youths in developing nations. Notably, they're the first African startup accepted into Techstars, securing $4 million in seed funding. On the other hand, La Decheteque, a circular economy venture, offers a platform to sell excess construction materials (SDG 9, 11, 12 & 13). They've clinched honors like the Climate Launch Pad, pursuing a sustainable, waste-free world.

Together, these startups have transformed numerous lives, amassing over $8 million in early-stage funding to scale their impact-oriented solutions.

How do I become a mentor at La Plage

At La Plage Factory, we thrive on collaboration with individuals sharing our drive to impact Mauritius, Africa, and the globe. Our mentors, hailing from diverse entrepreneurial and business spheres, play a pivotal role. They provide invaluable expertise, aiding startups in building strong foundations and overcoming the challenges inherent in entrepreneurship.

Our mentors serve as seasoned advisors, angel investors, and domain experts, investing their time, networks, and skills to foster their respective startups. If you're motivated to shape a better world and see yourself aligning with La Plage Factory ethos, contact us at hello@laplage.io.

How do I partner with La Plage Factory?

We work with both public and private partners who share our vision of using innovation and entrepreneurship to drive positive economic, environmental, and social impact in Africa. If you share similar values and would like to work with La Plage Factory, feel free to visit our Coworking space in Port Louis, Mauritius, or reach out to us via email at hello@laplage.io.

How do I apply to be part of the incubation program?

We invite all Tech for Good initiatives that resonate with our mission, values, and work ethos to join us, increasing the likelihood of a strong match. If you're interested, kindly apply via our application form.

Is there a specific deadline/ timeline to apply for incubation?

Applications are welcome year-round, as we prioritize co-optation and matchmaking. Startups can join us at any point, provided they meet outlined criteria in our recruitment procedures. Our co-optation process, which includes mentor-startup alignment and approval from the Mauritian Research and Innovation Council (MRIC), typically spans 1 month.

Do I need professional experience for my
startup to join La Plage Factory?

La Plage Factory collaborates with founders from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. Success can stem from both professional expertise and other qualities. We're delighted to support all types of entrepreneurs. However, specific projects may demand founders with an in-depth understanding and expertise acquired through professional or academic experiences.

How long is the incubation program
and how is it delivered?​

Our program typically extends over 9-12 months, anchored in two key pillars: quality mentorship and a business design method.

Startups are partnered with dedicated mentors who navigate them through their entrepreneurial journey. Business design hinges on the Vianeo method and platform, facilitating streamlined and accelerated validation of Product Market Fit.

Our incubation program entails workshops, mentorship sessions, focus groups, networking and community events, and personalized business reviews. Certified Vianeo experts provide unwavering backing. Furthermore, startups gain access to our Coworking Port Louis space and administrative support.

Do I have to give equity or pay for this program?

No. La Plage Factory, a non-profit organization accredited by the Mauritian Research and Innovation Council (MRIC), operates with the support of the National SME Incubation Scheme (NSIS). This subsidy covers program costs, ensuring startups do not bear expenses.

In exchange, startups are required to commit fully to the program. Although La Plage Factory doesn't take direct equity, mentors receive a portion as compensation for their roles as non-financial business angels investing significant time, energy, and resources into working with the startup.

Do I need to be based in Mauritius
to join La Plage Factory?

Applicants don't need to be in Mauritius initially, but commitment to incorporate in Mauritius is crucial.

Can I move from incubation to acceleration
stage immediately?​

Our acceleration program is on a case-by-case basis, and we would like to emphasize that the startups have a final say on their next steps. After completing the incubation phase, the founder has the choice to either continue to acceleration or not. If they want to join the acceleration program, La Plage Factory will assess the startup’s needs, the maturity of the project and MVP, beginning the process for the next phase.

What if I want to exit of the incubation

While the entrepreneurial journey can be arduous and overwhelming, perseverance remains a crucial trait for every startup founder. We provide unwavering support throughout this process, aiming to deter premature exits. Our objective is to guide startups towards achieving an MVP by program completion.

Yet, exceptional circumstances might necessitate discussions about terminating the agreement. Though uncommon, we back our startups through challenges. We assist this journey and, when circumstances are beyond control, founders can leave the program. Each case is evaluated individually, and a decision to terminate is made sensibly.