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"La Plage Factory gave us a wealth of knowledge and skills crucial to our company's growth and success."

Joseph Rutakangwa
Founder, Rwazi.

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"La Plage Factory MD, Michel Cordani, believed in our vision, mentored us, and connected us to investors & networking opportunities."
Kaushik Rathod
Founder, Yugo.

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"La Plage Factory helped us set up our business, navigate administrative procedures and understand the local business environment."
Stefan Sakoschek.jpeg
Stefan Sakoschek
Founder and CEO, Inspexion.com.

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La Plage Factory was instrumental in my startup launch, connecting me with mentors and fellow entrepreneurs for guidance and support.
Chiraz Jaafar Maalej
Founder, Pharmaforma.

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La Plage Factory provided the necessary trigger to kickstart my startup by offering both administrative and support services.
stephanie small.jpg
Stephanie Bouloc
Founder, La Dechètèque.

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