Exciting Developments in the Mauritian Startup Ecosystem : India-Africa Summit.

In July, Mauritius hosted the Third India-Africa summit, a gathering of 150 influential stakeholders from India and larger Africa, including institutional investors, angel investors, and startups.  

As a prominent participant in the Mauritian startup ecosystem, La Plage Factory proudly saw our Managing Director, Michel Cordani, take part in the MRIC-organized roundtable on behalf of Mo Angels. 

The summit delved into exciting opportunities for Indian and African investors and entrepreneurs to collaborate on cross-border businesses. Mauritius, renowned as a financial hub, has now set its sights on evolving into a regional hub for technology and innovation.  

Our Managing Director emphasized the need for early-stage funding and acknowledged the power of crafting compelling narratives to position Mauritius as an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs. 

Our Managing Director, Michel Cordani, speaking at the MRIC roundtable.

Challenges persist in Africa, particularly early-stage funding limitations. However, we see hope in leveraging existing ties and opportunities with India to foster innovation, ignite growth, and pave the way for transformative change.  

The Indian startup scene’s proven success, boasting a staggering 55,000 startups and an impressive 108 Unicorns valued at over US$370 billion, serves as a resounding beacon of inspiration. It fuels our determination to weave tighter bonds and carve collaborative pathways that lead us toward a future brimming with innovation and growth. 

Our commitment is to contribute to growing the Mauritian and broader African startup ecosystem. We extend a hearty invitation to startups, investors, mentors, and other prospective partners who share our vision of Tech for Good. Let’s work hand-in-hand to propel Mauritius to the forefront of African tech innovation and contribute to growing the African startup ecosystem.

La Plage Factory 05 Dec, 2023 LPF