Founder Names(s)
Brian Dean
Veda Dean
Creation Date
Mar 2018
Culture, Tourism



DISCOVER MAURITIUS™ is and all-in-one travel media dedicated to the cultural promotion of Mauritius.


Have you ever felt that you could have enjoyed Mauritius better? DISCOVER MAURITIUS™ allows you to find places of interest according to your geolocation, listen to privileged Mauritian Music and share your experiences on an exclusive Mauritian social timeline.

The problem

Being a multicultural island, it's ironic that there's a lack of cultural information about Mauritius. The Art and Music has evolved so much since the Sega and new Restaurants, shops and activities are now available all over Mauritius. The only problem being that there is no centralized information platform providing this information to people, locally or internationally.

The solution

DISCOVER MAURITIUS™ is an all-in-one travel media, with an Offline mobile application, a web platform and an online Radio exclusively dedicated to the cultural promotion of Mauritius. Users can find businesses that are close to them (Geolocation), get access to privileged Mauritian music (local Deezer™), listen to youth and culture focused radio shows and of course chat and share their experiences with other users through the first Mauritian Social Timeline.