Founder Names(s)
Cedric Azemia
Creation Date
Jul 2020
Public Safety



Mausafe is a technological solution that allows Essential Service Providers (Public & Private organisations and NGOs) to interact seamlessly with end-users during urgencies to give appropriate assistance.


It enhances the visibility, capability and responsiveness of essential service providers in: emergency services, security services, mobile doctors’ services, road assistance services, veterinary services, chauffeur services, NGOs services and more. Mausafe facilitates the communication between parties in urgent situations; it is hassle-free for the end-users as the latter are not required to remember the phone numbers and addresses of essential service providers during moments of panic.

The problem

In Mauritius, most of our essential service providers are still operating manually to assist and serve their customers. Some of these essential service providers consist of the emergency services (Fire, Samu & Police), veterinary services, pharmacies, NGOs’ services, road assistance services, chauffeur services, security services, mobile doctor services and other health professional services. During urgent and panic situations, essential service providers rely on the requestors’ capabilities to communicate information accurately and precisely (user’s location, situation description, user’s details, etc) via phone. This information is critical for the understanding of the situation and to provide adequate resources to respond on time.

The solution

Mausafe Technologies Ltd is giving these essential service providers the tool to increase their visibility and to achieve operational excellence in their activities. Through Mausafe, essential service providers will receive accurate information from the end-users, thus considerably reducing the response time and rebuild user confidence in their services. Mausafe facilitates the digital transformation of essential service providers in Mauritius and will help users to access essential services in the least amount of time.