Obama Foundation visit to Coworking

An East and Central African aphorism states, "Let the guest come so that the host may benefit." Last week, we witnessed the culmination of this idea as we hosted a delegation from the Obama Foundation at our beautiful coworking space. 

The Obama Foundation delegation at Coworking led by Nassima Sadar-Gravier, the Co-founder of Mo Angels.

The delegation, drawn from across Africa, included Nassima Sadar-Gravier, the co-founder of our funding partner, Mo Angels. Marc Israel, another co-founder of Mo Angels, shared insightful information about the vitality of early-stage funding for startups and the de-risking value of Catalytic Africa’s grant matching mechanism. 

During the event, Yugo, one of our graduate incubatees, shared their funding journey experience with Mo Angels. Additionally, Alaprann. mu, a prospective investee, shared their remarkable story, highlighting the support received from Mo Angels during their formative stages. 

The gathering concluded at the House of Digital Art, a venue that fosters community connection through a diverse array of digital art installations, pushing the boundaries of art, design, technology, and society. 

At La Plage Factory, we embrace and support initiatives that align with our mission to create opportunities for African entrepreneurs.


La Plage Factory 05 Dec, 2023 LPF